Under Attack from Insects or Rodents?

Economy Pest & Rodent Control has the Experience, Knowledge & Tools to Identify, Eradicate and Protect You from a variety of Insects, Spiders, and Rodents.
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Precision Guided Extermination

Because each unwanted pest behaves differently, our trained technicians can attack with treatments specifically designed to eradicate your specific infestation and prevent future pest problems!
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Defensive Perimeter For Pest Control

We understand the importance our clients place on maintaining a clean, pest free and healthy environment throughout their home or business, but also their desire to keep the use of chemical pest control applications to a minimum. Because of this, one of our state certified technicians can evaluate your home or business and apply only the appropriate non-toxic treatment solutions necessary for your specific needs.
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Proudly Keeping the Illinois Valley Pest Free By Serving Peru, LaSalle, Mendota, Ottawa, Princeton, and More!
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Our 3 Prong Pest Control Plan

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Our state certified inspectors have the knowledge, experience & tools to thoroughly & accurately inspect all accessible areas of your Home, Business or Structure for a variety of insects, spiders and rodents.

If they are there, we will find them!

Exterminate Pests, Insects, Termites & Rodents


Whether it is wood destroying insects such as Termites & Carpenter Ants; structural infesting insects like Ant & Roaches; or a Rats or Mouse problem, we will formulate a specific plan to attack your problem.

If they are there, we will eradicate them!

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From this point, we will regularly provide regular Pest Control maintenance treatments to ensure your property is defended against a return from a variety of both common and unique pest & rodent Threats.

If they are there, we will not let them back!

About Economy Pest & Termite Control

About Economy Pest & Termite Control

If you are in need of a comprehensive wood destroying insect inspection for real estate, treatment for an existing Pest infestation or simply want the best method to protect your home or business against unwanted insect, rodents, termites, or wildlife, We are confident the right choice is Economy Pest Control!

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We Can Effectively Target & Destroy...